Revolution Fabrics

Revolution Fabrics are performance fabrics that are virtually unstainable, easy to clean, extremely durable, yet beautiful and soft while also resistant to fading from the sun.

Revolution Fabrics are 100% made in the USA at our family owned factory in North Carolina.

The base yarns for Revolution are made within 200 miles of our factory, and processed by us using proprietary technology. This yarn technology sets Revolution apart.

Revolution Fabrics are also the greenest upholsteryfabrics available because they have the least negative impact on the planet (Higg Index).

Unlike other performance brands, Revolution Fabrics use NO PFC CHEMICALS, so it will never wear off. The safety of PFC chemicals is being questioned by many governments and scientific organizations.

Blot stain with clean cloth or paper towel.

Loose stains like dirt should be vacuumed off first.

Almost any household cleaner will Revolution, but we recommend a cleaning solution of 1 gallon of water, 2 cups of bleach and 2 ox of dish soap.

The cleaning solution should be blotted or sprayed on the stain until the stain is gone.

Once the stain is clean, the area should be thoroughly blotted with clean water. Rinsing the cleaning solution through the fabric is critical, especially if the bleach is used.

Do not over rub and NEVER USE A BRUSH. Vacuum attachments with brushes are particularly bad.

Air dry after cleaning.

For extreme stains like permanent magic marker, straight bleach may be used even on dark colors! It won't damage your Revolution fabric, but great care should be taken whenever using bleach.

Never expose Revolution fabric to temperatures over 250 degrees.

Revolution is NOT A CHEMICAL TREATMENT, so it will never wear off!

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